About FbUtube.com

At fbutube.com, we provide online tools and services that allow you to transform your pictures, documents, and videos and increase your vocabulary in both English and foreign languages with the help of our free dictionary.

Fbutube.com was born out of a shared passion for leveraging technology to simplify and enhance everyday tasks back in June 2019. We recognized the growing need for accessible and user-friendly online tools and services that could empower individuals and businesses to achieve more with ease.

As avid users of various digital tools ourselves, we experienced firsthand the frustration of navigating through cluttered interfaces, grappling with complex processes, and struggling to find tools that truly met our requirements. We saw an opportunity to create a better solution – a platform that would address these pain points and provide a seamless experience for users across different domains.

Our Vision

At fbutube.com, our vision is to empower individuals and businesses with innovative online tools and services that enhance productivity, simplify tasks, and unlock new possibilities. By bringing all the needed tools and services for the typical netizen and even businesses under the belt, fbutube.com aspires to be the only online tools and service page you will ever need.

Our goal has always been to efficiently streamline workflows, save time, energy, and mobile space and optimize results. We strive to be a trusted and go-to destination for users seeking efficient and reliable solutions to their everyday challenges.

Our Services

Online Tools

Do you need to make adjustments to a picture? What about resizing? Be it MP3 Cutting, or password generating, we have more tools than you know. From adding a Play button to images and videos, resizing images, using Youtube Thumbnail Grabber, making custom Youtube thumbnails, IP searching, and so much more. If you want to know more about our online tools, just click on our services tab!

Image Converter

We have all faced that one incident when we received a picture in one format but desperately needed another. We are here to solve your issues in one snap. You can convert your images to WebP and compress them to JPG, PNG, and GIF online without needing to download any app at all!


Feeling bored, tired, underwhelmed? Laughter is the best medicine! So we have memes, and when you feel lighthearted enough, we know how to get right back up on your feet with amazing quotes!


We also have a dictionary for you, not just for finding English words. You get to translate English into Bengali, Hindi, and even Arabic. We also have a bonus Bengali-to-English dictionary for additional support!

Our Ethics

Quality Conversions

When making any kind of conversion, be it either image or language, we will ensure you get the most qualitative results out of your endeavor.


Whether it is image compressing, cutting audio files, searching IP addresses, or literally anything, we will convert. And we will do it with the most accuracy.

Data Protection

Your data is hundred percent encrypted from end-to-end and never stored. We also do security audits to ensure there is no third party involved during the process.

Contact Us

We highly appreciate feedback, so don't hesitate to drop any! Additionally, if you have any queries, drop us a Message.

We are constantly building our services and increasing our repertoire to ensure we can keep up with your changing needs. If you want to stay tuned to any website updates and tools updates, subscribe to our Newsletter as well!

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