Add Play Button To Image

    Before adding play button

    before play button

    After adding play button

    after play button

    Add play button to image

    You can add a custom play button to image and also youtube play button to an image.

    How to add play button overlay to image

    • 1.To add play button to image, first select the play button image which you want to overlay at the image.
    • 2. Then select an image to add the play button overlay. The best image ratio is 600:320 for looks like a video thumbnail.
    • 3. If you want to keep the original size select Keep original size radio button
    • 4. Then click generate you will get the image with selected play button overlay

    Click the download button to download the generated play button overlay image You can directly share the generated play button overlay image to Facebook and Twitter from here by clicking the share buttons

    Add youtube play button to image

    You can make your image looks like a video by adding a play button on it. You can add various types of the play button including facebook and youtube play icons.

    Please do not use pornographic/illegal photos or images. If you do your IP might be blocked.

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